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  • Oct 26
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Spa Depot Return Policy
  • 70

Always always use Amazon. They are so good about returns and make everything so easy. These people appear fine IF you don't have an issue. We had an issue with a product, went through all the correct procedures to request a RMA. After spending quite a lot to return the item that didn't match the advertisement, we didn't hear a thing. When we inquired we were told that our claim hadn't been... Read more

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  • Aug 10
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • Hot Tub
  • 128

Have not been able to stop a slow leak in the tub since i got it. They also lied about a drain valve. I have to drain it with a hose. When you try to review any tub on their site, it never shows up. Only good reviews are posted.Every review is a 4 and a half or 5 star review. Regarding this site it is rather odd that I have too enter at least one hundred words. mm mm mm mm mm mm m m m m m m m m m... Read more

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  • Jun 21
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Federal Way, Washington
  • Belize Oval Ii Hot Tub Spa
  • 1
  • 1
  • 141

Bought a Belize Oval II from them and it took over a year and a half before they actually sent someone to come look at my leaky tub. I emailed with several reps from the company for months, and they all had me doing the same thing... keep a diary, measure the water level, take pictures of this and that. OVER a year a half before sending a technician in my area who found that one of the tubes... Read more

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  • May 31
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Gualala, California
  • Belize E850L Lounger Spa
  • 165

I bought a spa depot hot tub in Feb 2015. It had a major leak. Ultimately it was replaced although I wasn't fully reimbursed for my out of pocket costs. Spa depot's service was ok, however. The real annoyance, however, is that I've now written 3 reviews on their website & they aren't posted. My reviews were factual & compliant with their "review policy". So, I find them to be... Read more

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  • May 28
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • 117

Dont ever order anything from this company. Their customer service is horrid. I tried to call customer service left my name and number because I had a complaint and no one ever returned my call and the call center hung up on me. There is plenty of other companies so dont spend a dime supporting this one. Also dont be a facebook fan-they treat their fans like dirt and I would never ever support... Read more

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I just got a new spa motor I got it in 4 days 230v .This motor is perfect and pump.I order before always right part fast delivery.I also needa new cover will order soon. Add comment

  • Apr 16
  • Products
  • Moab, Utah
  • Hot Tub Cover
  • 336

I have purchased several hot tub covers for 2 different property's in the past. I called and explained this to the gentlemen that helped me. I also went onto their website and the only 2 orders showing had one with a grey top and one with a mocachino top. I had a grey top and so I assumed that this was the correct hot tub cover. Apparently my previous grey top order didn't show up on the... Read more

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  • Apr 13
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Land O Lakes, Florida
  • Brominating Tablet
  • 83

I ordered two-1 1/2 pounds bottles of Brominating Tabs for my hot tub. When I got them they were half bottles of broken dust. With the two bottles I should have had 3 pounds of tablets and I got less than 2 pounds. I contacted them and they were nice enough to send me two more bottles and when they arrived they also were half full of broken pieces, mostly dust. The do not stuff their bottles so... Read more

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  • Apr 02
  • Health and Beauty
  • Moses Lake, Washington
  • Clarathon Ozone Generator
  • 173

I purchased a clarithon ozone generator through Spa Depot. Several months after the purchase I began to suspect the unit was not working. I contacted Spa Depot and the phone tree and wait times were HORRIBLE. I was told that my Spa Depot would not honor the 1 year warrranty. Foolishly, I purchased a second ozone generator from Spa Depot. This one too failed. I spoke with the representative... Read more

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  • Mar 15
  • Shipping
  • Positive Experience
  • 253

I ordered my vista spa in mid January 2015 and was told that it would take 3 weeks to build the spa and 2 weeks to ship it to me. After 5 weeks, they still hadn't even shipped it. After several phone calls they finally shipped it. It took only 3 days from the time they said they shipped it to arrive at my house. My spa has an rectangular shape, so I was able to just roll it to the back of my... Read more

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