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I wish I had looked for this site before I bought my cover from SpaDepot. Despite my history of business with them and my purchase of their top of the line cover, I recently discovered how poor the manufacturer of these covers is. My cover started to retain rain water after a storm, at times filling so much that it was difficult to open one side. After several calls were made, ridiculous questions responded to in writing, and photographs sent... Read more

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I ordered from spa depot for years. I recently went to re order filters for my hot tub but my account was removed due to an upgrade on there website. The customer service guided me to the correct filters. When i received them the threads to screw filters in were a different gauge. The only way they take the return was for me to pay the return postage which was the price of the filter. called up and spoke to a rep who was a bit of a wise ***.... Read more

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Spa depot failed to honor warranty on a $339.51spa heater assembly PURCHASE. Also failed to provide credit on the returned product. Spa depot offer to repair faulty product at my cost. I kept email contact with customer service but they closed email contact account. JUST KEPT THE PRODUCT AND NO CREDIT offer. The return issue lasted from June 29, 2015 til July 29th. Also SPA DEPOT failed to work out an exchange for another spa part. Finally lost... Read more

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We've had our Belize e500L spa for 9 months now. Replaced a Clearwater spa we had for 25 years. I would NOT recommend the Belize. It is necessary to clean the filter every few days and change the water every 2 weeks. The controls are not intuitive to use and took a long time to learn. The heating system seems inadequate as I had to set it to Ready so it would be warm enough when we wanted to use it. This cycles the heater constantly and it... Read more

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I noticed that Spa Depot has a product "SPA CHOICE" that they are selling for spas with bromine generators. "SPA CHOICE" may have a registration as an algacide but it does NOT have a registration for spas equiped with bromine generators. The only product that I know of with an EPA registration for use with bromine generators is "BROMICHARGE" This could be dangerous because "SPA CHOICE" has not been approved for this purpose by the EPA. On the... Read more

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Always always use Amazon. They are so good about returns and make everything so easy. These people appear fine IF you don't have an issue. We had an issue with a product, went through all the correct procedures to request a RMA. After spending quite a lot to return the item that didn't match the advertisement, we didn't hear a thing. When we inquired we were told that our claim hadn't been processed, yet. When we provided the tracking number... Read more

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Have not been able to stop a slow leak in the tub since i got it. They also lied about a drain valve. I have to drain it with a hose. When you try to review any tub on their site, it never shows up. Only good reviews are posted.Every review is a 4 and a half or 5 star review. Regarding this site it is rather odd that I have too enter at least one hundred words. mm mm mm mm mm mm m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m Read more

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Bought a Belize Oval II from them and it took over a year and a half before they actually sent someone to come look at my leaky tub. I emailed with several reps from the company for months, and they all had me doing the same thing... keep a diary, measure the water level, take pictures of this and that. OVER a year a half before sending a technician in my area who found that one of the tubes had 2 gaskets which was causing it to leak. This... Read more

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I bought a spa depot hot tub in Feb 2015. It had a major leak. Ultimately it was replaced although I wasn't fully reimbursed for my out of pocket costs. Spa depot's service was ok, however. The real annoyance, however, is that I've now written 3 reviews on their website & they aren't posted. My reviews were factual & compliant with their "review policy". So, I find them to be misrepresenting their published reviews. Currently... Read more

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Dont ever order anything from this company. Their customer service is horrid. I tried to call customer service left my name and number because I had a complaint and no one ever returned my call and the call center hung up on me. There is plenty of other companies so dont spend a dime supporting this one. Also dont be a facebook fan-they treat their fans like dirt and I would never ever support them or do business with them. Yeah I was mad but... Read more

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